due to severe lack of help elsewhere, i hope someone here can help me (heres hoping) :P

drum kit my bro used to play in house, basic music knowledge from guitar, want to play drums.

any good online resource or specific books to look out for? cheers
there is drum kit in your house because your borther used to play it.. you have music theory knowledge and want to play drums?

my brother used to play drums, thus we have a drumkit in the house.
i have a basic music knowledge from playing guitar.
i want to play around on the drums.
know any good resources?

I got you the first time, mate. Quit repeating yourself. ;-)

This is not bad:

And there is a great variety of video's on here:

But my favorite (as a non-drummer) has got to be this jewel:
Very detailed step-by-step tutorials from people who are not trying to show-off.
Too bad for the site's name. I keep 'losing' it.

Anyway, have a blast.