yeah, i know this is a n00b question, but whatever i need help. will it work? i've got a combo or whatever its called, and i could buy a guitar head for it, but i'm not sure if that'd work either.
guitar thru a bass amp is fine, just no bass thru guitar amp
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ok thanks. and my bass amp has really rad reverb, so i dont think i even plan on buying a guitar amp...
A combo doesn't need a head: it's called combo because it has all essential elements of a guitar amp in the same casing (preamp, power amp, speakers).. A head has only preamp and power amp and needs a speaker cabinet in order to work. You can also have preamp and power amp separated in 2 separate heads.. The combination of heads and speaker cabinets or "cabs" are called stacks..

Hope that solves all further noob questions happy to help!