I have a black P Bass for sale. It has been changed to include an EMG to replace the stock pickup and a Gotoh bridge. It also comes with a hard case (that needs to be padded as it isnt shaped for anything) and an extra ebony fretless neck.

There are two small problems one of which is a scratch on the bottom side below where the knobs, you will see this in the pictures that will be posted shortly. Now the other problem is a crack in the current pickguard so I decided I would get it replaced before being sold and I am happy to get the colour you wish and it will be fitted before it arrives.

I would like to ask for about £450 but I would most likely go lower than that. The reason for the sale is I don't use it much and it doesn't give the tone I really want. Plus some extra cash would be really helpful right now. I don't think I'd really consider a trade but possibly if it's a good deal

Finally, I am in the UK so shipping abroad would be quite costly however I may be willing to if someone was desparate for it.