How is the Yamaha F335? Any good? Or anything that anyone could tell me about it would be nice. The main things are I want it to actually be of enough good quality so it stays in tune very nicely and also that it has a good sound (of course).

I already have a nice Ovation but Im just looking for a totally acoustic guitar that I can take camping and get a different sound with.

So, if it is good, my friend is going to sell me his.... what would be a fair price for this guitar used?

Do you play an acoustic at all?
My starter guitar has been the Yamaha F335. I love this guitar. Its been my girlfriend for a little while now and is awesome. I did a lot of research into it (Through Musician's Friend, Guitar Center, different forums, etc.) and came up with that being the one for me. I went to my nearby Guitar Center (B&M) and looked at the ones they had there. I tried out about 3 different ones and settled on the one that sounded the best which was the black version. It sounded the best, had no buzz, nice action and looked great. There were one or two that just didn't sound up to par with the one I got. So with that said, there *are* ones that are worse than others.
I've taken it to college with me a few times to practice since I had a large break between classes, and a few friends who have played the guitar for a while were trying it out and said what a great sound it was. They thought it was an Super Mega Totally Awesome Deal for $130.
Well that's my story on *my* Yamaha F335.
As for how much a used one goes for... I'm not too sure. I suppose that since it is used it would go for less, obviously, but you will have to go with how it sounds. Try it out, make sure that it sounds fabulous. If you get any buzz, it might be a good idea to check out other guitars. Has he kept it in good shape? Does it have any major scratches? Blemishes? Check the neck, is it straight? Does it have a bow in it? How are the tuners? Do the frets have any corrosion? Play some songs on it and make sure it sounds good. Don't know any songs? Try just playing some chords. In the end, have your friend play a little on it and try and see if you can hear anything bad on it. Play each string on each fret and make sure it doesn't buzz at all.
I suppose that if it sounded flawless $100 would be a good place? At $100 that's roughly a 23% discount for it being used which I think would be right for a low end guitar.
I also want to add... The Yamaha F335 is not a *CHEAP* guitar. It is an *INEXPENSIVE* guitar.
yep. I play acoustic. I have an Ovation which is pretty much acoustic except it can be plugged in and it has a carbon composite back instead of a wood one.

Sounds like a good guitar then... you seem to really reccomend it. I havent checked it out yet but I think its in great condition... he told me he rarely ever played it.

Thanks for responding man. Ill keep all those questions in mind when I see it. The only thing Im kinda worried about now if the strings on it are old and no good (which is a very good possibility) so the guitar doesnt sound nice when I play it and I cant tell if it sounds good or not. If it does buzz, what is that caused by? Could it be caused by the strings?
Hmm... The strings, assuming they are the right gauge, which I would recommend being Light or Medium since since its a full size dreadnought, I don't think there would be any fret buzz from the worn out strings alone... I mean, I hear of people not changing them for 7 months, of course they will probably sound rather dull but I don't think it will buzz. If you are seriously thinking of it being the strings making it sound bad, you could always go back and ask to put on a new set of strings (el cheapo strings), and see if it may have been the strings actually.
Fret buzz is, well, caused from the string ringing against a fret. Usually it would probably be noticed by pressing on the first fret, and you would hear the buzz a few frets down. Its caused from the action being too low.
The whole not playing it for a while could be a two edged sword. It means that it isn't used a lot, which is generally good. The other is if there was something wrong with it (Does it sound bad, etc).
Another thing is to make sure there are no cracks along the neck, or anywhere else for that matter.
And just to note, the F335 is a Laminated Top, its not made of a single place of solid wood, so it generally sounds "worse" than a solid top. Different tone and all. I personally love my guitar, its my first guitar, and I haven't exactly been playing a lot of expensive guitars to notice a ton, but I really do like this guitar, and so do other people who have been playing for years, so I think that it sounded good to them at least means a little more than me saying it.
Hopefully this helps some and be sure to tell me how it goes and how you like it when you do ^_^
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It's a great starting guitar.

if i was going to buy a guitar to lug around for abuse, it'd be a yamaha because i know it could take it. i'm not sure of the model number but my friends yamaha is amazing for the money.

now my current guitar... not for abuse.
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^ Yeah Ive heard that about Yamahas... they seem nice and durable and inexpensive

^^Yeah I think Im going to end up getting it. My friend is going to come over tomorrow and bring it so Im going to buy it for 80 from him. Seems like a fair price to me... just as long as it does sound as good and is in as good condition as he says.
In good condition, I'd say $80 is a really nice price, I mean, that's like half as much as what it usually goes for.
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Yeah, well I bought it yesterday for 80 bucks... I put new strings on it and it sounds great. Has a good sound and the action is good and it plays pretty easily. I like it and I think it will be a perfect guitar for what I need it for.
Awesome! I'm glad. I personally have D'Addario Lights on mine, I'll probably put mediums on it later. Just outta curiosity, what color is the guitar? Mine was the black and I know they make the natural/classic and Tobacco Sunburst ones too.
Nice deal for $80 huh?
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Mine is the natural/classic. It just has normal coloring. The gold tuning knobs are little tarnished though... any tips on how to clean this? What with?

Yeah, Id say for 80 bucks its a great deal for the sound it has.
I suppose being tarnished you could use a little warm water and cotton see if that works, if not, try some warm mild dish soap in the water.

Its probably not a good idea, but if you think its a good idea, some super super fine steel wool might work. If they are actually gold plated turners (I have no fricken clue, seriously, they are Gold die-cast tuners) then i would totally be against anything abrasive on it because it will tarnish super fast then.

So yeah, I'd say go with the soap and cotton cloth since paper towels have paper (wood) in it which is rather abrasive and may take off that coating over them and then have it tarnish faster. Try and get off what you can and put some sort of lubricant over it then to try and stop some of the tarnishing again. No idea what to use then... some sorta oil I guess?
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Good choice buying the F335. Ive had it for a while now and its still holding up. Went to Guitar Center with my mind set on an epiphone, but i changed my mind when i played this. One of the best laminated guitars you can get for the money! This thing is my baby...
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