I plan to buy a ipod touch real soon. My current Creative player has a radio program built in and I listen to the tim conway jr show (L.A) and want to know if their is a local radio app for it? thanks!
Nope, there's no aerial so it can't recieve an FM signal, if there's a way to listen online you may be able to soon with a WiFi connection active...
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this is complicated. The old iPod Touch model DEFINITELY doesn't do radio, but he new iPod Touch (the one that came out last week) has a bluetooth chip with an FM radio onboard (ifixit.com), however the current iPod touch software supports neither bluetooth nor FM radio, but Bluetoth support in the near future is almost definite (why put the chip in if you don't use it?), however, as FM radio is a sort-of secondary feature of the chipset, it is debatable as to whether or not it will ever be implemented.

Probably not as the touch hasn't got a suitable antenna.

i use Last.fm on my (1st gen) touch, it works really well.
You're using UG classic, congratulations.
You should be using UG classic.

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well gonna use the AOL radio but i need Wifi, not a issue since I'll be around internet most of the time. Thanks!
Also, if you jailbreak i think there is one...

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There is one, I have it.
you can't adjust the volume in it, and it takes forever to load.
It really sucks.
once you find a good station though, the room usually has to be quiet or you won't hear it.
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really? I'll be listening to the a station at school where a lot of people are making noise. My college!