hey y'all

im teaching again mainly to pass on wisdom

so this is me,

im levi, im 19 and am currently studying for my degree in music performance at ICMP, part of this it QTS (qualified teacher status) and we are all advised to build up experience, iv been teaching now for 3 years my main stengths are

speed and technique - i WILL find all the nucances in your playing and give you taylor made exercises to overcome them, thus removing all physical boundaries for you

harmony and theory - iv studied harmony an theory intensely for 5 years now, an its all helped move me foward and bring fresh ideas to my playing, not to mention my compositions!

but as part of my degree im studying all styles, so whatever you need i can plan lessons and exercises to fit your needs

now for price how does £10 an hour sound or 2 hours for £18?

groups are welcome

you wont find better prices than that! an if you can, ill beat them

im based in cricklewood northwest london (NW2)

any takers, hit me up with an email

iv had lessons with the best, martin goulding, dario cortese, tolis zavaliaris

plus classical composers such a nigel hildreth so yeah, id say i have musical wisdom, book a lesson an find out :P
sounds cool dude, if you were in the us I would probably book a lesson
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i thought thered be loads of london takers for this! laughs, i guess thats the way of the world