So im gonna get either a Peavey Royal 8 or a Epi Valve Special, either which way an all tube practice amp. But as it goes im a bit of a gain *****. Quite a bit.. and so tell me. How bad will it be putting all this solid state equipment through the class A circuitry of the amp. How bad will the signal degredation be if there is any at all (which im sure there will be) If its gonna be bad enough to ruin the sound enough what are my alternatives? Remember people... i love the dirty fithy crunch. I run my eq at like bass: 6 mid: 7 Treble: 7.5-8

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Depends on the effects. If you lack gain then you can always boost it with a DS-1 or a TS-9. Stuff like chorus or reverb I would put through the effects loop of the amp (assuming there is one).
The royal 8 itself can get some lovely crunch sounds, but its classic rock style crunch, i bet if its was boosted and EQ'd well it would give you a decent usable room level high gain tone.

If you're that bothered about how its gonna sound, take all your pedals to a guitar store and try them through the amps - then you'll know for sure.
what do you mean 'all this solid state stuff thru tube amp'? What pedals do you have? Most stores will let you use some pedals if your shopping for an amp. Or take some of your pedals in with you as Pablo said. That's what I did.

i did a clip last night of my Multi Effects pedal into a tube amp and it turned out OK. 1VK 4.3 Digitech delay thru VK fx loop. A standalone analog pedal would sound even better.

solid state is kinda a misnomer for pedals, which is why we usually classify them as analog or digital. even analog pedals can use IC chips or transistors, which is what often makes an amp be classified as solid state.

as for using a pedal, there pretty much always is some signal degredation, but good pedals minimize this. combined with the fact that you gain something you didnt have before, the tradeoff is often worth it. so as long as you get a quality pedal thats not something to worry about too much. so using a nice pedal with your tube amp wont cause a tonal problem. for distortion/gain i would go with an analog pedal, but there are digital pedals out there that sound fantastic. i just think that digital distortion sounds fizzy or thin most of the time, but thats personal opinion.
Sounds fine. My POD/Vj is the go to practice amp for me. it really does everything. I f your going to gig you'll need more watts. not sure what direction i'm going in for that. Peavey delta blues maybe.
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If you're concerned about signal deterioration you can always get a pedal with true bypass. The signal might still deteriorate when the pedal is active but the effect of it should cover it up.