today i was going to buy my new epiphone les paul standard for £250
Only to realise it had gone up to £300, and i had a look and it seems every single guitar ahs gone up is price. do people agree?

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look on gak there still 250 i think
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look on gak there still 250 i think

yeah thats where i was going to buy it from but they went up today!

Roger Waters - 12th May!
Credit crunch. That's why.

Everything is become more and more expensive, food, guitars, gas and electricity all the things like that.
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uhhhh duh, everything relates back to oil prices

Yup, and the stock market crashing aswell, which means that banks need more money and things happen that companies are now making less money, so they raise prices.
Cam Sampbell's my hero
I've noticed the epiphone les paul custom's have gone up quite a lot as well
Oil prices having been so high for so long has had an impact on the overall market. Just because they have went down recently means little. We won't see the benefit of that for several weeks still. Oil alone is not the problem though.
Ive heard they stopped shiping to the UK from somewhere on here.
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I had posted all the new prices (in $) somewhere on here. I'm not happy, but it's life. I think I'll be getting an Agile sometime in the future or going the whole extra mile and getting a Gibson.