hi guys ... is it expensive to let make emg s into an guitar (les paul ) or can i even do it by myself ??

thanks !

hello from welschingen (germany)

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most places fit them for free if you buy them from them
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You can fit them, but you'll have to change pratically all the electronics, the pots and input jack aswell. I think.

So yeah, take it to a pro to get it fixed, unless you want to risk it yourself.
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Yep, I just had it done to my LP. Pretty good sound. They will come with all needed parts. I had mine done by a guitar tech due to the soldering and I wanted it done correctly, but you can do it yourself if you know what you are doing.

You will have to replace the pots and the jack to use a 3 prong jack. This will turn the EMGs on when the guitar is plugged into an amp and off when it is not.

The longer shafts on the pots look nicer in my opinion too.

Once you get used to the look of your LP with black pups, you'll be fine.
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