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You may ask the farmers when they will get here
but quite frankly, Son, I could show you corruption on a pasture.
But it's a Saturday; let's stroll to the fatherland, near a river
where we will wipe ourselves with fig leaves.
And come evening's banquet a toast shall be given "All cheer,
to rituality and sin."

We're not God's children
we don't come from the same tribe
nor speak of the place where we shall be escorted to.
Our serpent souls, weightless in its own form;
we must rejoice, this is the age of suffering
where there's no sense of time, like a prophet sitting on a hot stove.

Now I know how Jesus felt...

it was 9:30 in the morning.
all that could be heard was
a bald woman
muttering in tongues.

i once killed the devil in '89.
two slugs of a .38
one to the chest.
second to the neck.
i am a saint.
my naked flesh
burns in the fire of rubbing alcohol.
i am a saviour.
cleansed in the applause of a smoking gun.
i was once a little girl.

next year, i picked numbers in the death lottery.
i was a liar back then.
scratchcard bullets and dead cherry men.
back then i was under the devil,
with the hands of a vigilante and a dirty mouth.
but i was once a little girl
and i know the lord forgives.
and sometimes the lord
forgets how he made this mess.
i am a liar.

mr. electrician, the mirror looks like a computer.
i can't write i was raped.
the sonic pressure is crushing my head!
there are eyes in this cell.
it looks like a computer! computer mirrors!
they're increasing the volume
of the floor these trays are inedible!
the helicopters were dropping out of the sky
i can't write. i was raped.
rockets are gonna nuke you! going beyond
i think it's a bit like like star trek
sonic pressure computer mirrors are shrinking
my head and then

the crucifix eyes showered me
in a baptism of electric rain.

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