So AC/DC tickets went on sale today @ 10:00 am.

I was online from 9:00 am and as soon as it it 10. I refreshed and started looking for tickets. It was me and a friend and in between us there were 5 windows open for the tickets. We tried for 30 mins yet we didn't get anything.

So we decided to hurry the **** up and went to sunrise to buy tickets. But there was a line, and apparently people had been lining up before the mall opened. I get there and hear that the tickets have been sold out. So I'm pissed, and then I hear that even people in front of the line didn't get tickets.y

Because of ticketmasters shitty policy everyone got a number and if your number was called you and the people infront of you would go to the back of hte line so it is RANDOM. This IMHO is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Seriously what the **** is up with these corporate assholes making ****ed up rules. How did they get so up in the company if they make shit policies like this one.

Anyhow, I mean I've waited for 5 years, I go to their site everyday, hoping they would come. And When I see they're coming I jump around like a little girl in my uni's cafe. Then I get ****ed over by these ****ing corporate assholes who want you to spend 40 to RESERVE 2 tickets for presale.

WHAT THE ****.

</end rant>
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Thanks for letting me know that. I can now live a fulfilled life.

Why two threads?
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HAHAHA wtf you made two threads??? wowww i love how you actually put a whole description too
The only time my folks couldn't get tickets was when Rolling Stones and Elton John came here. And Rolling Stones wanted like $300/ticket, so screw those guys.

Eventually Elton John came again and my folks got tickets to that.

Sorry to hear about your thing, I know how you feel.
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shit happens man, deal with it, thats life

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I am surprised you didn't stand in line before it opened. You got enough spare time to make 2 uninteresting threads that is a mile long each, si I am surprised you didn't hav enough spare time to get there first!
It's a fair system. Grow up and accept your disappointment. You're not five years old anymore.
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Pfft, it's AC/DC. You're better off not wasting your money. If you want shitty music go rent High School Musical...