I really liked what I heard, to be honest it just sounds like you'll get better with age and maturity, I can't really fault the songs. Good job guys, all the best.
Thanks man. That means alot. Anyone else? We're really looking for alot of outside opinions on the music.
Good job! Your singer got a good voice and thats quite rare. I think you should introduce a guitar solo and boost the bass volume!
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Good job! Your singer got a good voice and thats quite rare. I think you should introduce a guitar solo and boost the bass volume!

Thanks man. We're really focusing on getting tight with one another. We really want to sound experienced.
Hey guys. We put some new songs up here and really want some opinions. Any help is to be appreciated.
on the kick eq you should cut some around 400hz and boost a little around 5khz. Mix is really good overall though.
music is a little simple for my taste but I am still impressed compared to all the garbage that gets posted in here.
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Nice quality. Your singer is really good. The guitar riffs are pretty basic, but you guys pull it off and still make it sound good. This was mentioned a couple times before, but your bass is almost nonexistent. Maybe i didn't listen very well, but it seems kinda like each of your songs have one riff that just repeats and repeats. I personally like Intertwined Mind the best, but I suppose I just like heavier stuff than you guys in general.
build a bit of a bigger intro with the instru7ments then bring the voice in it might work and ur band wouldn work perfect for a loud then queit singing switch dont stay at one volume and power with singing u could pull it off ur talented
guys. amazing. i think you guys turned me onto alternative. Seriously, a little older and you'd be PERFECT, cause the only issue i can find is that you guys sound somewhat juvenile. The vocals in particular, but on the otherhand, so do many other major bands out there.
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This is amazing advice. You sir, Mr.LeadGuitar, are the god of the Bandleading forum.

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Any other opinions? We're really trying to branch out and hope these songs can turn people onto our music.
I enjoyed where this was going. A little repetitive, but catchy nonetheless. One major thing I noticed that I wasn't a big fan of was the sound of that snare. Does not blend in to the song and it makes me lose my attention badly. Other than that, there is definitely a level of originality present. Keep it up, guys.

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