I've read alot of guides on intonation, and set my guitar up perfectly... except for ONE STRING! My high E string is flat, and i've adjusted the saddles up ALL THE WAY. I've attempted truss adjustments, and it doesn't make a bit of difference. Moving the saddle up all the way still hasn't really made it any less flat either. Could someone give me some advice please? BTW, I am using an accurate chromatic tuner on this thing.

Info on the guitar:
Epiphone Les Paul Special II - All stock
Ernie ball regular slinkie strings (high E is a 10)
That's a really low-end guitar - I'm surprised you managed to get the other 5 strings intonated. You might want to invest in a better guitar.
I doubt the string will do what you want to do. Although, saying that, it might just be the string, change it back to a 9, if that's what it came with, and work with that. I doubt that bridge could take another guage up.

Maybe you should invest in a new guitar like Blue Strat said.
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swap one string at a time.

if you like 10s then you can also buy a loosey, see if it's a bum string.

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I switched to the hybrids which have a lighter guage for the 3 upper strings and now its all good. Thanks so much!