My friend bought a ATI HD3650 card. Yet, Even when he's installed the right drivers the and the card shows up in devicemanager ATI control menu refuses to admit to it's existance, and its in 4bit colour and unable to change resolution.

I'm at a loss. He thinks he needs to update his BIOS (but his bios is 2006) so i don't really think that would make a difference, I mean, i don't remember hearing of people having to update their BIOSs with the 8800 :/.

Only things i can think is either the card is damaged
Driver Conflict.
Maybe since hes loading it on a widescreen (19") its not doing it *But i doubt that*

Any ideas/anyone had similar problem :S?
Sounds weird. I would check for device conflicts in device manager if you haven't already. Then my best guess would be physical damage. Maybe try contacting ATI support and ask. I have heard of similar problems with ATI cards before.