OK this is an older piece of mine, I wrote it about a month ago and yeah, my new work is somewhat different than most of the stuff posted on here, and I think this forum definitly needs more Variety than just the usual Metal stuff that is on here normally. But about the song: It´s definitly Genesis-inspired, I´ve been listening to their stuff often when I wrote this, and yeah, I tried to make it simple, but whole-sounding. I hope you get what I´m trieing to point out.

Anyways, C4C as always, the more you write , the more I write, have a nice listen

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I love the diversity of this - as you say it has the poppy feel but it's also quite proggy in places. My main problem is that I feel the synth is a tiny bit too loud. The bridge though in particular stood out, I really liked the chord progression and the way you carry the lead on the synths rather than the guitars. All in all it's very catchy and there's little to criticise here. Good to see something different on here...it's clearly just that metal happens to be the most popular but I like seeing different genres. Keep it up
Egads. Non-metal! The world, she be ending!

Alright, first, thank you so much for this. It's refreshing to hear something that doesn't fit into one of the 1,000 Metal sub-genres. While I do enjoy my metal, it's getting boring hearing the same shit over and over again, which doesn't make C4C very much fun.

The second that bass line kicked in you had my full attention. It's a fantastic line, catchy as hell and really grabbed at me. The synth lead and backing were brought in at the perfect moment, and sounded absolutely great.

However, I hated what you did with the lead guitars. Maybe it's GP maybe it's not, but a 4 bar intro of wobbly guitar just made me wonder what kind of terrible song I was in for. I personally would have started off with that bass line, as it's an immediate attention grabber, and ditch the wobble guitar entirely. Or alter it in some way, or something.

The bridge really stood out as well, it was just fantastic. I do agree with b101 about the synth being a little too loud though.

The way you transitioned out of the bridge seemed a little awkward to me, and the return of the wobble guitar is most unwelcome. Those whole 4 bars just felt off to me, and I didn't really feel like the drums set the transition back to the verse up properly.

I could listen to the verse all day. The acoustic part is amazing. (Although I can't help but wonder if you actually can play it specifically bar 53 ) Great synth backing too really added a lot.

The next bridge = excellent. Great bass, great chord progression. Enough said.

Chorus = excellent again. What you did with the synth was very cool, and the chord progression was really nice. Although the transition back into the main riff while functional felt a little forced to me.

The solo, was ok but has a few issues. The volume between synth and guitar were way off, also most of those really huge bends sounded bad to my ears. The guitar lick on bar 109 was just weird and off. Also the way it ended and jumped back into the bridge felt a little anti-climatic and unresolved. I loved the idea of trading licks between guitar and synth, and you've got some pretty good ideas in there, but I think this second really needs some reworking and polish.

Which brings us to the end. That synth 2 part is a really really great way to end the song, specifically bars 177-180. I really think that it could have been a little longer though. You only hear that part clearly at a decent volume once. I think you could have either brought it in earlier, or done it a few more times before the fade out, because it really is a very strong ending. The fade out could have also been a little slower too.

Despite the fact I've dished a fair bit of crit out here, I think this is a fantastic song. It's very catchy and memorable. So don't take my crit as something negative, I can just see this song going from fantastic to pure greatness with a few small alterations and polish.

C4C not required as you've already given crit on my most recent song, however it's seen some massive changes since last you listened to it, so I certainly won't complain if you feel up to listening again.
I have no time whatsoever to give you a detailed crit. sorry. however, since I did listen I will tell you that this was pretty awesome.

at some points, it seemed too weird. the intro is a good example. confusing musically to me. :/

but most was awesome. especially the bridge and chorus. good work!
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