What are some hardcore/metalcore songs that are fun to play?

I have been playing for a couple months. I can cover Chapter Four by a7x fully and quite a few intros/riffs.

What are some easier metal songs that are fun to play. But aren't too difficult.
I really enjoy playing a lot of Trivium. I play songs off of the Ascendancy album, like Like Light To The Flies and Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr.

all of Linkin Park's Minutes to Midnight is Drop D. and i normally play their songs that are Drop D and 1/2 step down as drop D. hmm... Most A7X songs are Drop D except for their self named album which is Drop D& 1/2 step down.
Amor E Morte is an arm killer, and fun, by Cradle of Filth, can't really think of much more off hand.
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Most rage against the machine songs are drop d... try freedom and take the power back. Also try moby dick by led zeppelin.
Waking the Demon - Bullet for my Valentine.
Not a huge fan, but its a pretty fun riff to play.

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everlong by the foo fighters its easy as ever
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anything by biffy clyro

not really metal but some are pretty heavy

there heaviest song is probably "theres no such thing as a jaggy snake"

but all these are in dropped D and are good songs, in my opinion:
saturday superhouse
whos got a match
living is a problem because everything dies
get ****ed stud

if you havnt listened to them yet, there a really great band
mobscene by manson is super easy drop d song. lots of manson songs are in fact.
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almost anything by rammstein

Rammstein is usually lower than drop-d
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