Hey everyone.

This is a somewhat rough cover of Hallelujah. Influenced mostly by the Jeff Buckley and Leonard Cohen versions, and with a slightly different strumming style. I'm still getting the chord changes down completely, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out on the whole.


Comments, as always, are very much appreciated.


tune your guitar
try to work out the picking, its really boring with strumming only
your vocals werent bad though
Your guitar was a bit outa' tune, you look like a toad and that shirt doesn't do you well.

But you playing was pretty good and your vocals are better than most peoples on here. 8.5/10




Haha, awesome. I sure do love being called a...toad?

Anyhow, I tuned my guitar now :/

Thanks for the critiques, guys.

Way too fast, mate. If you played slower you could really put feeling in the the lyrics, which is what this song needs more than anything. Singing some scales would help you too, your voice is pretty good but it needs a push.
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Sorry, I didn't like it. The guitar was out of tune, and the original already has so much emotion in it that it sounds horrible whenever there's any less emotion. Work on your voice too, the high notes were very weak. I don't think this song can fit into a "hey, I feel like recording something, hey! this song will do" kind of mood, which is what came across in yours.

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I didn't really feel the Jeff Buckley vibe, I got more of the Rufus Wainright kind of feeling from it.

But yeah, definitely tune your guitar, and slow the rhythm down a bit, especially if you're going for the Jeff Buckley thing.

Your vocals weren't bad, lots of room for improvement, but not bad. :]

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