Alright, so I got this disassembled GRX40 and I've been putting it back together. I'm trying to replace the switch, but not having any luck. I thought I was following my wiring diagram correctly, but every combination on the switch has failed.

I got my new wiring diagram here

This is my current wiring:

I based this wiring on how I thought it would line up with the original switch (below) when my new wiring diagram didn't help

The numbers refer to the terminals on both switches (how I thought they matched up). If any one can help me figure this out, I'd greatly appreciate it. Admittedly, I'm really new to this whole thing, so apologize for my noobiness.
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well to me.. your wiring i very hard to see because there are wires coming from everywhere and i don't know what wires comeing from which pickup. So you could either show a picture of the whole cavity thing or re wire it using this website...
Also have you grounded everything to the volume pot and the bridge?
Have you used a capacitor thing on the tone pot?
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