Please Help me I have a annoying problem when it comes to tapping on acoustic guitar, when I tap any string on any fret I get another note sounding through and so sounds untidy and I cant work it out, the only way I can stop it is by resting my hand on the strings behind the tapping fret like when you play slide guitar but this isnt conveniant especially when it comes to two hand tapping any advice would be great thanks
It sounds untidy? Well, you've said it. Clean it up. I know this sounds cliche but practice makes perfect, and I find that especially true with acoustic tapping. I'm not familiar with Newt Faulkner's work, but I do play other two-handed acoustic tapping stuff like Preston Reed and Justin King, and really you just gotta work at it.

I'm not sure I know if there's any other reason why another note would sound besides the one you tapped (and maybe the open string note if you're doing a pull-off)unless you're also accidentally hitting another string, except that maybe your guitar has a weird problem.
Oh yeah, while we're on topic, could you recommend some of this guy's tapping songs, (the harder the better)? I don't really want to go and look at all of his tabbed song here on UG to find which are good.
I'm having the same problem with Drifting - Andy Mckee.

If your talking about that horrible 'harmonic' type sound you get along with the note that is.

I've just blamed it on the high action of my strings since I don't have the same problem lower down the neck

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"Harmonic" sound? I would have thought that would come from action being too slow, not too high.
No no, what he means is that when you tap higher up on the neck, like frets 9 and higher, he gets the ringing from the other side of the string (down the neck behind the finger) as well as the one that leads to the body.
I have this problem as well, and you just have to find some way to reduce it.....maybe when tapping use two fingers, the first does the actual tap while another is not pressed down and is used to mute the side of the string you don't want. The lower you are on the neck the less noise is made.

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maybe when tapping use two fingers, the first does the actual tap while another is not pressed down and is used to mute the side of the string you don't want.

That sounds like more trouble than I think anyone would want to go through. I'm so glad my guitar doesn't have this problem.
Well, let's see if what I am saying is the correct problem or not....tap hard on two frets at once (use two fingers) on the low E string. Tap on the 13th fret and the 12th fret at the same time...does that "harmonic" tone turn into the same note? Like two guitars are playing the same note?

If not then I am wrong, if so, you just have to find a way to mute it....if you aren't using open strings at all, you could mute it my tying a sock around the neck of the guitar, muting all sound unless you are fretting it, but that is sort of dumb, because people need to use open strings. I don't really tap much, mostly because of this reason....if anyone could find a viable solution to this then I would be grateful.
cheers for the help guys has'nt really helped me as I have tried on two pretty good guitars but yeah I also have the same problem with the andy mckee song drifting it is wierd like like a harmonic noise or something sounds like a harmonic of the next note down from the one your tapping if you listen really hard anyway I keep trying new things, and to answer the other question all newton faulkner stuff is great check hime out on you tube but tapping or just a great song to play is feels like home thats great anyway know about tap harmonics aswell cause I can never get them to ring out as well as I would like either. cheers anyway if i work it out I promise to post what I did.
I dont know much about it but i do remember that in my younger years when looking into classical guitar i read about a techinque of tapping a note and getting it to double out the note and another harmonic note, perhaps you are accidentally doing this more advanced classical techinque and making a real harmonic