I bought an M-audio fast track usb device a few weeks ago to record my guitar directly into the computer. I tried audacity but had more luck with reaper so have been using it.

One problem I constantly have though is that when I record the guitar part the volume is EXTREMELY low. When I go to add VST effects to the track, if I take something like amplitube 2.0 demo that comes packaged with reaper, 95% of the presets available there are useless to me because I have to max the guitar volume just to hear it, which in turn makes the track sound horrible.

I've got the volume on the m-audio unit and my guitar maxed. What do I need to do here to get a reasonable recording volume? ><
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I know this probably isnt the proper way of fixing the problem but this is what ive done. I used the fast track, and another M-audio interface, with Sony Sound Forge. I would just go in and raise the volume, its pretty easy to do not hard at all. I dont know what kind of software your using but if it has any kind of editing in it, there should be something like this. Or try Sound Forge you can use it free for like a month.