So I got myself a '89 2210 to replace my 2204 that I was never happy with. I know the single channels models are supposed to be better, but the thing just always sounded thin and had way too much feedback, even with a gate. It has been modded (poorly) by a previous owner though, so I'm guessing that had something to do with it. This one blows the 2204 out of the water, even with the old tubes still in it. Having two channels is a nice feature, I was never able to roll back on the volume fast enough with the other one. And the reverb sounds great. The cleans could be better, but they're still very good and have enough headroom to get by. No channel bleeding issues so far. It's like I've got all the features of a DSL but without the fizzyness and with more balls.

It does need some cleaning though. I've got some Meguiar's Vinyl Cleaner one it's way, so I can shine up the outside. The inside of the amp's got a thick layer of dust built up, even over the tubes. I could smell it when I turned it on. Would it hurt to use windex to get some of the dust off of the glass on the tubes? Anything I can use to clean out the chassis that won't cause it to rust? I'd also like to clean off the grill cloth, it's got some grime in it that isn't really visible in the picture but I'd like to get it out if I can. Last time I tried to wipe some of the crap off of my cab's grillcloth, I used a damp rag and it left some streaks that I could never get out. Any tips for cleaning it that won't make streaks all over?
Compressed air is the best thing to clean the dust out of the back, windex is fine for the tubes, but I would take them out to clean them or just spray you rag with the product to keep liquid out of the sockets. Also I think it goes without saying, the amp needs to be off and cooled before you clean it. Also a Damp rag on the chassis would not hurt any thing as long as its not real wet. Cool amp BTW I have always wanted one of those.
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Neat amp. I myself have the 50 watt version and it's loud enough for practically every gig but still a good amp though. Have fun with it. I'm boosting it with an EQ and an OD, which I find pretty necessary to be honest for the tight metaltones.
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Reminds me of my first Marshall JCM800 back in '86... I miss that sucker
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