I just play at home. I play along the likes of Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Clapton. I am running my strat through a GT-8 (I know some of you hate multi-FX, but they're great for home use).

I need a good solution that will allow me to bypass the amp section so that I can solely use the GT-8 pre-amps. I believe an FX loop accomplishes this. I was thinking of a fender twin reverb, but they seem a little large (and expensive) for home use.

Any ideas. Price range ideally is only $600-$800.
if you liked the twin reverb you should check out the deluxe reverb its 1x12 and 22 watts which is more reasonable for home use, and if you do start gigging it would still be useful

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I'm afraid this is where my knowledge gets so sketchy it's embarrassing. But I am a novice.

I thought that having amp modelling (on the GT-8), negated the need to get the actual amp to reproduce the sound. The deluxe reverb actually costs the equivalent of $1400 in the UK, way over my $800 budget.

I find this all very confusing. I love the sound of the Fender. It's perfect for the stuff I do, it's just so expensive.
No, the GT-8 just changes your sound.
I'm afraid I'm not technically clever enough to tell you why, but I'm pretty sure you can't.

You should look at a Fender Blues Deluxe for a great clean tone, but the overdrive channel is pretty lame so for PF sounds a Big Muff and for EC an overdrive pedal of some sorts would do the trick.
I like the look of the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. It's in my price range and seems to have all the features I need. Is this a well thought of amp? The soundbites on youtube sound alright.
The distortion is piss poor and sharp sounding, though can be better if you use an overdrive pedal (a TS-808 or something similar) infront of it.

The Blues Deluxe is fairly similar, but it is a much warmer amp (think of that nice fat EC fender kinda tone) and the overdrive channel despite being lower gain is much nicer than the HRD.

I suggest you try the out at a guitar store.

You also might want to look at the Orange Tiny Terror combo, the peavey classic 30 and the Fender Blues junior. Which are all great amps.


This is all my opinion, so you'll probably want more, or more knowledgeable opinions. These threads turn up quite often so have a look through these kinda threads and see what you can find.
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I'm going in for the vote on Tiny Terror combos too. The problem is that they don't have an FX loop to run your GT-8 preamps out of. They do have a good tone on their own though.