We are the power of the weak
The voice of the silent
An eye for those who seek
The gun to shoot the tyrant
We are the stars of tomorrow
But we will never fall
The vanquishers of sorrow
Defenders of the wall


Don't try to stop us
Cause we'll keep going on
We'll face whatever future brings
It'll all back down
Don't try to help us
Cause we don't need a think
And if they ask we'll say
We're here, our time has come


We are much more than
you would know
Cause you don't know a thing 'bout us
or how our music grows
So bite your tongue
Go back and tell your friends that we
are back on the set and that
we won't give up

This is a post punk song
written by the guitarist of our band J.U.I.C.E
i'm the bassplayer btw =b