Ive been playing nearly 2 years now, and have just passed grade 5.

At the moment I'm playing a Westfield E1000 (£80 strat copy) through a Roland Microcube.
I use a different amp for practices/gigging, depending where we are.

I play rock, hard rock, alternative rock, muse/radiohead rock mainly, but I also play bits and pieces of clean blues, or distorted metal (as much as anybody who is still learning. I don't play much of this, not least seriously, just for fun)

I would prefer a H/H pup config.

My budget is about £700-£800.

so far Ive been really taken with the LP Studio and an ESP Eclipse II.
Any thoughts on these, or other recommendations?

I'm staying away from any strat shaped guitars, maple fingerboards, floyd rose hassle, and pointy metal ones (I mean.. eurgh)
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agile al3000 www.rondomusic.com

check it out. HH pups ebony fretboard/abalone inlays, it's sweet
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A nice Ibanez maybe?
Dont rule out Fender Mustangs for rock either,
the HH versions are becomming popular,
a friend of mine has one and its got a really nice rock tone to it!
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any recommendations of ibanez's?
i always hear nothing but good things about them, but i think im the only one who is slightly skeptical about them. they all look the same, and only make "superstrats"

at my age, all we care about are good looking gutars, really. i tihnk the sound comes with the price. so im looking for a £700-£800 worth of sound with nice looking shit.

ill check out the mustang thanks i admit i have seen them used by quite a few bands this summer and i never really considered it.
i was tihnking of moving away from fender style intruments, but i wasnt really thinking further than the strat and tele. thanks.

any more suggestions?

and yeah, im 14, soon 15 years old, year 10 in UK

i did grade 5 through rockschool at about easter after one year of playing!
i got a low pass, but that was all i was aiming for.
i dont think you can go wrong with an ibanez prestige, look at jackson too, the jackson dk2m looks mint, depends whether you want a floyd rose or not though as well. yamaha pacifica 812v is meant to be brilliant and is well within budget leaving you enough for an amp upgrade maybe, laney vc15 go really cheap on ebay and get good reviews.
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Schecter C-1 Elite? That's my standard recommendation for anyone, but I have a Tempest Custom which sounds great even through my sh*tty 10w amp for alternative type stuff.
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if you're looking at les pauls, definitely take a look at the japanese copies- tokai, edwards, greco, burny, signature, etc. etc.
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