I could really use some feedback here. I'm no good at programming drums, I've tried and its just too tedious. So what I have here is a short guitar part I recorded, and then I went back through and mic'ed myself drumming with my hands on my guitar case. Yeah its ghetto. Anyway this is really rough, few guitar mistakes, and to my ear the drums aren't in time for every last beat, but for most of them I think they are. Basically what I'm looking for is feedback on if this is viable or not. If I clean up the recording (I'm using a cheap mic) and get a good take on guitar, could I get away with doing something like this? I could even find other things to drum on besides my guitar case. I'm not trying to sell any music, I just want it to be listenable.

Any and all feedback is appreciated, feel free to leave links to your stuff and I'll give feedback in return.

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