I'm wanting to order a guitar, however i am in my rented term time accomodation at uni (UK)

Now, Soundslive won't deliver to rented accomodation, and everywhere else i've tried will only deliver to the cardholders billing address.

Does anyone have any suggestions? (and don't say local shops, because i cant find a classic vintage Tele locally)
If you have any friends that live off campus you might be able to borrow their address and credit card and pay them back once it arrives at their place.

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

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I wouldn't trust ebay sellers when it comes to guitars.
why not go into you bank with some ID and get them to change your cardholder address to the term time address? takes like 5 mins
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Could you not just have it sent home and then travel back one weekend for it? Or are you trying to keep it on the QT?

OT : What uni are you at?