Ok so people on this forum have told me to buy a Metronome to help with my rhythm and chord changes. Ive just bought one but i really don't know how to get the most out of it. What im trying to say is, i don't know how to use it to its best effects.
I don't know if I'm using mine to its fullest but I generally use it to make sure that I keep a constant rhythm. It keeps me from rushing the easy bits of songs and challenges me to keep up on the more difficult bits.

The other thing I use my metronome for is to increasing speed and accuracy. Here I set the metronome at a slow speed between 60 - 80bpm and play the exercise, then once I've done the exercises flawlessly a few times I'll increase the bpm by 5 - 10 and play again. I'll keep increasing the speed until I get to a stage where I'm just slightly beyond my comfort zone and its a stretch to keep up and that's where I'll practice.
your rhythm changes could be coming from your inability to smoothly change chords. just practice for awhile without a metronome. those always made me feel rushed, then start it from about 60 and keep slowly progressively getting faster until you're at where you want to be.
well most metronomes let u make it beep or click or watever either: every beat, every measure. etc
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