So at my school we have a Traynor head and 4x12 , and we just bought a line 6 pod xt live pedal, for some reason it doesn't sound right. It''s making a noies where it seems like its blasted and you can hear like blowing wind in the amp or something, but really its really low. Then i turned up the volume on the pedal at the back and it worked well, but the tone seems really weak, compared to the tone without the pedal, I know its suppoesd to get a bit weaker, but not that weak. The effects seem horrible through it , I dont know if it could be the power in the portable where its located or just wrong inputs that im doing..

guitar - input of pedal - output mono (left or right) into input of amp.
mono usually entails you should always use the left output.

besides that i might recommend plugging directly into the poweramp by using the FX loop.

plug the left POD xt output into the FX return jack in the back. make sure the volume on the amp and POD are turned down before doing so.

this will bypass any tone colouration you may get from the tube preamps, EQ, and whatever other switching it might have.
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