I’m thinking about buying a Killer Ant or Little Giant and am looking for a cab recommendation. This amp will be used strictly in a bedroom/livingroom situation (no gigging, no really loud volumes).

I’ve heard Avatar cabs are really good but that’s all I really know. Type of music I play is between hard rock and metal (GnR, VH, Metallica, Alice in Chains).

Thanks for any suggestions!
Most i know about good budget cabs is: Avatar--> good for rock. Vater cabs--> good for metal.

EDIT: no cab is gonna make your amp louder. It doesn't even matter if the amp is 15 watt head and you get a 450 watt cab... it's still just gonna be 15 watts. The cab wattage is just how much it can handle.

so, what you'd need if you don't want it loud, is a 2x12. I WOULD say a 1x12, but i've heard that they just don't sound as good.

And plus, a 2x12 will spread out the sound more.

If you're not gigging/jamming, get the Blackheart 1x12.
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Thanks for the replies...I played the Killer Cab today and it sounded fine to me so I think I'm going to go with that.