sounds pretty cool, you can definetly hear your influences come out in it. I did not know what to expect when I heard the start of it, but it develops nicely. I don't really how to crit it negatively so I'll just say I thought it was pretty damn good!
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Once the song gets going, it definitely sounds sort of laid-back and jazzy. It's got a great feel, very psychedelic and mellow. The auxiliary percussion (bongos or whatever) add a nice touch to the rhythm of the song. The guitar solo 3 mins in is a nice addition too, I like the effects on the guitar.

This is not the kind of stuff that I usually listen to but I liked this. It was just a very unique and chill song. Nice work.

Crit mine?
Sounds like underwater Frank Zappa, but then goes even deeper underwater to this really chilled vibe. Everything was perfect as far as I can tell . It's also some of the most original sounding music I've heard in ages.

Crit mine?
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