I just picked up an EC-1000 in white a couple of days ago but I'm really kicking myself for not getting the see through green. I can still exchange but I have one day left. What do you guys think, white or see through green?
Go for the see thru green, looks waay nicer IMO
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I love it in white.

if you are 100% happy with the playability, I wouldn't even consider returning it.
its your guitar man, make a decision lol

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Did i hear poll? lol

I know it's mine but i am so stuck on either the white or green. I have the white in hand but i love the green also. I just don't want to think back 4 months down the line and regret the color choice i made. I am keeping an EC-1000 either way...love the way it plays.
Wow...I would go for the green...but only if it plays as well as the white...I would check it...and quick from the sound of it.
the green is less common and it looks nicer
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Dont you find the EC1000 has too much inlay in the neck?
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Thats a tough call. White seems so nice and I love it, but the green is more unique. Green can seem kinda tacky tho.
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I would of chosen white, but then I scrolled down a little further and saw the green.

Woah, get the green!
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Not a fan of the green.But thats me.Mostly for the fact that I'm not to fond of the green headstock.
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I would go for the white, I was going to buy that guitar in white.

Also color is really a personal opinion, choose what you want, not what a bunch of random people on a forum say.
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Blue looks nice but I prefer quilted, my favroite is the red, then blue, then green, then black, then white
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I don't know really, I don't like the EMGs on the green, that's what ruins it for me. And I don't like white Les Paul type guitars.

Damn this cruel world!!

But I would say get the grean anyways.
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I exchanged it for the green. I'm much happier. To all looking to buy an EC-1000, it is very much worth it. One of the best guitars I have played

Well, as long as YOU'RE happy.

I agree w/ this being a good guitar.

I personally, would get the new purple one!

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I'm kind of sick of the flame/translucent look. I would stick with the white.

eh... only colour i'm REALLY tired of is black! Man, it's SO overused...