I've been reading some tab guides, but I still can't figure out how to play 2 notes that are on the same line.

For example :


What do you do when you get to the 2nd column of twelves.

Do you mean how do you fret/ pluck the high e and D string's at the same time?

if so, you'd fret the 12 fret's on both string's and either mute the inbetween string's or just pluck them with your thumb and index finger.

also that (7) on the low e, i think that is a ghost note, or something like, meaning you dont need to play it, but i could be wrong. what song is this for?
Thanks for your reply. It's a song for slowhand blues. I'm not sure on how to mute the strings in between.
Hi, to mute the strings use your fretting hand. Like ok, take the finger playing the note closest to your face, and while you're holding down that note, lay the rest of it down across the other strings you need to mute (Lightly just enough to mute them, and since they are 12th fret be sure not to lay them right over the metal fret, or you'll get the harmonics), then use another finger to play the high string