My CS-3 kills the signal when it's switched on. If it's in line but off, the signal gets thro ok, but if I step on the pedal, the light comes on and there's no more sound!
It's a fresh battery in there, and I've looked at the boards and components inside; but there's nothing blown or detached.
Is this a known problem with this model, or has anyone had any experience with a similar problem? I'm assuming it's a component fault on the main board, so if anyone could point me in the direction of schematics, or reliable test points, that would be good!
Lol, I know I could buy another one for peanuts, but it's the challenge...?
They probably sound better broken anyway.

I say throw it off your roof and buy a CS-2.
Hey, I'm Mike.
sounds like a dodgy jfet in the switching circuit, have you got an ac adapter which can very the voltage? try tunning it at 10-12v and see if anything changes.