If I don't have a metronome at all, I'll use an analog clock that has a second hand. The second hand ticks once a second, so that gives you a steady 60BPM. I'll also count my pulse, and if I can count it well enough, I'll use that. However, I have an analog metronome I'm quite fond of.
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Although if MSN happens to brings up a new convo it can knock it off sync
I also use a metronome. Mine has an optional flashing light on top.
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i never use a metronome
just movin my legs around to the beat
it works pretty good my friend
but thats just me
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Buy a real metronome, which will have a volume control; Guitar Center sells some cheap ones. I got a good one from Korg that does its job very well for 30 bucks.
any recording program has a built metronome. i use one of the MANY metronomes i have thats either built into fruity loops, acid or my digital 8 track.
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that's what I use, but I hate it, I wanna use something that shows like a line going back and forth not just clicking sound, cause I can't hear it over my guitar

I use that metronome often. The only problem I can see with the online metronome is that its.....online. If you want something to carry around, pick up a metronome at a store (as suggested by :-D ).

as far as visuals, I would suggest that regardless of what think, you really don't need to see anything visual. All you need is to hear and feel the beat. I would recommend that you just practice and get used to it.

other than its up to you learning to deal with a metronome. It's quite normal to be resistant at 1st.
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Yay for the real life metronome. Since I bought a real metronome it is the most used piece of equipment I have invested in. And one of the cheapest. You can't always have your computer on while practicing.

If you don't have one play along to recordings or if you have a computer make a recording you can stick on an mp3 player or CD for a stereo. The downsides of this is you can't adjust it like you could a real metronome. Seriously, buy one, they're great.