I have the ability to buy a Washburn BT-4Q electric guitar in really nice shape. I guess it originally retailed for around $269. It is 8 years old and the guy wants $60 for it. I thought of buying it and having my brother, who does upgrades, pull out the tuners and electronics and brige and nut and stuff and upgrade it really nice. He says he could do it all at cost for around $300-350 and make it really nice. Should I? Or should I just spend the money on a new guitar and just spend around $400? I'm kinda torn. Just some opinions. Thanks.
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Buy the Washburn, then LEARN TO DO ALL THAT STUFF YOURSELF. Then take the money you saved and buy another guitar. Your bro is hosing you (<my $.02).
yeah, it sounds like your bro is stiffing you. the total cost of all that hardware would not be any more than 100$. it's not that hard to replace the stuff. you just have to take your time and do it right.
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Lolz that guy is a noob.

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Idk, if you and your brother argue a lot this could be revenge, he could be like "Remeber that one holiday when...thats it! I'll offer to upgrade his guitar, put shitty parts in, and give it back to him for $300, revenge, mwuhahahahaha"
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