Howdy people !

I've recently been playing a semi-hollowbody, but been interested in getting an acoustic lately. So I found this electro-acoustic one ( http://uk.yamaha.com/en/products/link/101217 ) that seems to fit me. I both like the size, color and price of this one. But I'm not that much into acoustics and especially not these thinline ones. I just like the fact that the body is thinner than a normal acoustic, which makes it closer to the hollowbody 'feel'. I know it's not the same anyway, but still. Haven't been able to test it yet, but I got the local guitar shop to order one so I can try it.

So, to the real question. Are there any alternatives on the thinline market for acoustics? - Tried to google a bit, but didn't get any useful info from that. Also, if anybody has experience with this APX700 model, please drop a comment
actually i would stick with the apx700, its a amazing guitar. ive played and it sounds pretty dam nice.
Thanks for the advice, convitionless.

Can it really be, that only one has an opinion on this subject ? :O
Not much advice to give other than to say that I wouldn't buy a thinline acoustic. The unplugged sound will never be as good as it would on a full size acoustic.
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the APX700 acoustic sound is lacking for sure. The plugged in sound and playability, however, are quite good i must say.
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Okay, so I sense that the unplugged sound might not be that good as a full sized guitar. Seems quite logical though

I read that the CPX models are in reduced size aswell. But is that just because it's a jumbo model? And how are the CPX vs. APX unplugged difference?