ok, so for awhile ive been wanting to start building my own pedals, and ive heard the fuzz face is a good place to start.can someeone give me links to the absolute best sounding schematic and parts i need? thanks. also what kind of soldering iron should i get?
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I built the one from runoffgroove.com I love it
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Fuzz faces vary alot. The original germanium hendrix type are not so easy to build. The modern easy to build silicon style doesnt sound like a germanium. There are probably a hundred variations of the "fuzz face". An easy to build one is the tube sound fuzz using a FET chip.
the BYOC fuzz uses geranium diodes. plus, you get a free buffer to practice your assembly skills on your first order.
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Please don't go with Build Your Own Clone. It's an enormous ripoff. By buying the parts yourself, you LITERALLY save about 50%! Rather buy the parts yourself and a piece of stripboard or perfboard, and make a layout or have someone do it for you (heck, I'll make one for free if you want), and follow the schematic from the BYOC project page (they include every detail, even the schematic so you can replicate it without having to spend a penny on their site). You can easily make a very good one for about $40, and you'll be able to get a matched pair of germanium transistors too!

This project would be it: http://www.buildyourownclone.com/fuzz.html

I am building their Mouse project at the moment, which is actually a Pro Co RAT clone with a small mod on it. Their price: $92.99
My price (buy parts yourself, build on stripboard): about $45.

I can't deny that BYOC has some good projects though. But: Follow the schematic and make sure that it's correct before you use it (for example the Mouse schematic is missing a couple of electrolytics). It might also be a better idea to use a different schematic, because this is probably biased for AC127's, which are hard-to-come-by and expensive once you find one on eBay or something.

Seriously: I recommend using an official Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz Face schematic and buying a set of matched germaniums from Smallbearelec.com or Any from DIYstompboxes.com (thread: http://www.diystompboxes.com/smfforum/index.php?topic=69325.0), and socketing both transistors. Perhaps if you want to get optimal tone out of your effect, you could socket all capacitors and use trimpots for resistors so you can bias them in accordance with your transistors because their gains and leakage are obviously going to vary from set to set.
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In addition to what he said^:

The thing about Fuzz Faces is that they are easy to build, but very difficult to get to sound good. You'll probably wann buy several matched pairs of trannies and pick the best sounding ones (use sockets!)

Also, AC127s are were on small bear...