Ok, I'm using a ART Mic Preamp w/ USB out to record my guitar, but it doesn't have an output to go to monitors from the computer. I'm using my laptops onboard audio for output w/ an ASIO converter, and I believe my total latency is like 29ms.

I want to buy a USB interface that has an unbalanced input and some kind of headphone out. What kind do you guys use and what kind of latencys are you getting?
It's not the Art Dual Pre? The rear on that has monitor outputs. The studio MP also has outputs, according to this review. You connect directly from the interface...not from your computer.
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No its the Project series Tube MP

and yeah I want something that has monitor outputs on it, not the computer

guess I phrased it wrong
the Project series Tube MP has a USB connection?

Well if you are looking into a new interface try the PreSonus Inspire 1394 which sells around $150 new although some stores are now posting it around $200.

The M-Audio fast track USB and Toneports are lower in price and don't sound as well.

Then theres PCI cards such as the M-Audio 2496 which have unbalanced in and outs but also no preamps so you need a headphone amp on the output and a preamp for instruments and mics on the input.