so its time for a new amp
ive researched this alot..well i got my eyes on the peavey classic 30
but i get mixed feelings about it so im hesitating =/
basically im looking for something that can last me a long time, and be able to play gigs.
i play lots of blues and classic rock, and i go as heavy as up to GnR.
my main axe right now is my '62 MIJ Fender Telecaster.

any input about the C30? or any ideas on what to get instead of it?
budget is around $900~~

thanks for all =)
Depending on where you live you can get a Classic 30 for $300 used. It will suit what you play - but the single coil pups in that Tele will likely hold you back from a decent GNR sound. You need a humbucker in the bridge position friend. With your budget I would check out a Traynor YCS50 and YCV50 blue too if possible where you are.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
$900 puts you in used JCM 800 range. Also in used MKIII range.
i live in sweden, where everything is expensive =/
i was actually looking at pups too

thinking SD lil 59 in the bridge and alnico II pro by the neck..single coil sized ofc
except my budget atm doesnt support SD pickups and a good amp at the same time, and i do need an amp desperately
thanks guys for the help

i would appreciate more inputs however
thanks to all!