Okay, I have an Ibanez GRG 270 and I am getting fret buzz from my low E string (and sometimes my A) and its driving me nuts. It only buzzes when I play the E fretted. So I want to raise the action on it and after a little checking I see it involves altering the saddle for the problem string with an allen key... yeah, I'm really new at this all but I want to fix it myself, don't want to go to the shop again.

How do I go about doing this, raising the action of particular strings on a guitar with a tremolo bridge?
right you see the two screw's or allen key type screw's that keep your tremolo (just incase your not famialir with that piece of kit, it's the plate where all the string's are attached to and it has the whammy bar on, i.e. long bit of metal sticking out of it)... well if you turn those it'll either hieghting or lower the string hieght. just try doing it very slowly until you erase the fret buzz