a sigma guitar from the 1970's and so it was made in japan, a d-28h
im buying it from my princicpal at my school, he knows ALOT about guitars, he could probly challange alot of you old timers out there. the reason hes selling it is cause he makes his own now and doesnt need it anymore. the price is 300 but i think im going to give him 400 after he said you find them on ebay for 800 or so.
why would u pay him more. its not like he can change ur grades or something.
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if he says $300 then you buy for $300.
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i know but i feel bad ripping him off and he said the lowest he will go is 300 and i dont want to seem like a cheapo. ripping off your principal isnt as fun as you think. but is it a steal?
I'd say $300 is probably about right. Maybe even $250.

I don't think $800 is an accurate reflection of the guitars value, and I'm highly curious where he got that figure.
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dont pay over 300, thats a good reasonable price for that guitar.
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