Ibanez RG370DX Electric Guitar, $250 used, like new from my friend. He's coming over in about 10 minutes.

I'm pretty beginner, but am just outgrowing my ibanez jumpstart pack (I've upgraded amps to the crate v18-212).

YES or NO??
No. I would not buy one used, as every day he used it is a day less you'll have a working trem on that guitar. The price is average, but I would stay away from used Edge IIIs unless you plan to use it on a temporary basis.
He was given it, but plays a Gibson SG everyday..it's his second guitar which he rarely plays is that makes a difference at all..?
edge III's aren't that bad but i'de try to get a bit lower price, and check the guitar thoroughly depending on how much you trust your friend
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I'd offer him $200. Call it a bro deal.

The trem is pretty terrible, but other than that, it's a solid guitar.
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second thought's it look's decent, go for it (Y)