I don't know where my last post went but...

What are some good interfaces? I don't really want a professional one, but one that is at least decent and can record all the instruments (electric guitar, bass, piano, vocals, maybe even drums.)

i had some in mind like the inspire

the line 6 toneport ux2

or the digidesign mbox2

im leaning towards the inspire and line 6 but i heard it only sounds okay, not great.

so does anyone know whats a really good interface thats cheap, because i really want to start recording.

thanks (=
I'm interested in the answer too!

I've been looking at the M-Audio FireBox 410 (or something like that). It lists around 299 but I saw a few on the bay for around 120.

What's out there that would couple really well with something like Amplitube or Guitar Rig? How about the guitar rig floor controller?
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I LOVE my Apogee Duet but it is Mac only. I got mine used for $400. Not in the cheap range but worth every penny.
I recommend Presonus, but the peeps over at Riffs & Recording Forum are talking about this stuff all day long!!!
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The presonus "looks" good but it seems so cheap. Its 199 on musiciansfriend but its only 120 at guitar center for some reason.

anyways, does anyone know like a decent one? one where i can make some band demos? just for vocals, guitar, bass, and piano. i think i can get a drum machine to work to add some drums.

decent for me would be around like 300 and i can't find any. i WOULD buy the presonus but just asking, are there any better ones?