that evil style they are going for, I really think they get it with the guitars. Its very different, it sounds so damn evil lol, their open E notes are very good. Crunchy tone..I just noticed that. You feel the same way?
Actually, Slayer plays in Eb on most of their stuff (older at least). I personally dont like Slayers tone, its not meaty enough for me, it sounds a little thin imo (again talking about their older stuff).
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It's the harmonic minor scale dear

I'd say the chromatic scale, but whatever.
It's the classic combination of high gain, low tuning and humbuckers first utilized by sabbath in the seventies that isn't a worthy subject for a thread by any means
I don't like slayer at all but for the style they go for, I think the their tone gets it done. Like Metaillca's tone for some reason, I respect them but it sounds very very high gain and robotic.