I have an Epiphone LP Standard Plus Top, a Crate V-18 amp, and a BOSS OS-2 overdrive/ distortion pedal. I play classic rock, rock n roll, and sometimes hard rock. Groups like, Led Zeppelin, GnR, ACDC, Deep Purple, sometimes Dire Straits. So which model should I buy? I have some models in my mind which are:

SD Alnico II pro

SD 59'

SD SH-2 Jazz

SD Pearly Gates

I'd go for a pearly gates

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stop making new threads!

You've made 2 about this already...just make ONE thread and use that, it's very impolite to keep asking the same question when people have taken the time to help you, and its even worse to go and delete the threads they posted in.
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Alnico IIs aren't bad for what you're looking for. The Pearly Gates is another one to look at, and maybe a Warren DeMartini sig or 78 Evenly Voiced Harmonics.
I want a good clean tone also, I checked alnico 2's again they are fine but seems more like a bit of hard rock, which I rarely play. Many people say that SH-2 is really good at neck position on the other hand 59' and PG are also fine I am totally confused. :S:S