I'm still mixing the song, I'd just like some feedback as currently I've heard it a billion times and its getting a bit old to me. its a bit of Tool mixed with Muse.

its labeled 'Demo4' and its on my profile. it still needs some automation on some parts, and some sections do have volume and distortion issues.

anyway. I'd appreciate the comments of the progress.

I've critiqued and replied to many people in the past of their music, both originals and covers. I find it a bit rich that I have yet to receive anything considering the amount of input I've given. This also applies to my last song submission on these forums for critiquing (that's my response for people considering 'reporting' me.)
Bring the high end up on the guitars to help give them a little more deffinition. high hats down like 3db, you may want to bring up the bass when guitars drop out to help fill the empty "space."
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It's a cool collection of riffs. There's a bit of post-hardcore sound if you ask me. The first song on your profile had a cool riff, that I have to say I like better than this one. And the purple sky pic complimented the music pretty well. The chorus flanger was a nice touch too. Yeah, I like that song a bit better than this one. Haven't listened to the other stuff on your profile yet, but nice work from what I've heard so far.