Ok,so, i found this "RG770dx" on ebay that ends in a couple of hours. Its cheap atm cause its got two cracks on the neck, but i reckon i can fix that. However, when i did my research i found that the RG770dx always has a maple fretboard, but the pictures here clearly show and rosewood fretboard. Also, the headstock on this guitar is inverted while all the rg770dxs i have googled and looked at on the ibanez website have a normal one. I'm just a little confused and was hoping that some ibanez expert or someone could tell me whether this is some older version of the rg770dx or what it is if it isnt? Thanks a lot, help is appreciated!!
Paint doesn't look original, and didn't those have pickguards? I also don't recall the reverse HS or inlays being sharkies, or binding, but maybe I have it confused with something else.
Neck is definitely not stock, but the trem and pickups are good, so I say go for it. Be warned though, the price will probably go up at least another $100.

PinkEdit: They also said that it's an '87 neck. This is false, as that seems to be an AANJ neck joint, and they didn't have those until '91. So this guitar is at least a '91.
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