Opinions, experiences, how is it compared to other les paul's. any knowledge helps.
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I was wondering a little the same thing. I've been interested in buying one in the future.
Take a look at the Agile thread.
the 3000/3100 is, by general consensus on the agile thread, at the quality or above an epi elitist. i have the 3000. it's pretty and plays amazingly well
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they are sex, and you get a solid mahogany body and an ebony fretboard for under $400
The Al-3000 Blue Tribal is incredible
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very nice but heavy. mine was 10 lbs. or so. i play seated and it was so butt heavy i had to use a strap or it would try to slide off my knee. got tired of fighting that and returned it.

i got the 3100 spalted slim neck. it was as pretty as any gibson i saw at gc, maybe prettier. played well and sounded very bassy and good. if they would weight relieve them a couple lbs., i would get another.