im looking for new pickups...and i have never bought one yet...so..i was wondering what

kind of pickup i should get...im looking for one that`ll give me that nu metal sound..
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The golden rule is: I must ask you what your amp is.

and why do you want new pups
I'm guessing a Cube 30?
What most people don't realize is that pickups are for tweaking. They have major issues with their tone and look for a cheaper fix in pups. I tryed the same thing when I was a noob.
What kind of pickups?
I'm guessing Humbucker, but DiMarzio make some mean singles as well.

And +394544 to the "what amp?" question. That's 90% of your tone right there.
What kind of marshall? For all we know, you could have an mg...

And what exactly is wrong with your tone that you think needs fixing?

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jvm410(im using it most of the time)...and actually im looking to replace it..cuz my humbuckers are totally out...but my single

coils are still working...
What do you play? I'm guessing metal, so either EMGs, Seymour Duncan Black Outs, DiMarzio Evos or a D Sonic/Air Norton.
Oh yea, you could go Dave Mustaine style and use SD Livewires. You already have the amp he's been using for awhile other than his rack.
Your pickups are not "totally out", you just have a wiring issue - the pickups themselves are fine.
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^I agree. It's a simple wiring job that anyone can fix, provided they have the right tools.

I found 4 soldering irons in my garage today. Wiring jobs, here I come!

just thought I'd share that....