So, I just started trying to learn to play the guitar recently. I've been practicing on my brothers guitar and one of the strings broke so I made my way to the music store to replace them right. Well I bought some strings, and when I got home I noticed it says "7-String Super Slinky"...... Well I'm just using a normal 6 string guitar, but can I still use like 6 of these 7 strings or should I take these back and get a different kind? (I just broke the high E string)

Thanks for any help in advance.
string the guitar without the thickest string.

9-42 is a standard set of ernie slinkys. 7 string sets just add a 52 for the lowest string
GHS TNT's also switch out the top string for a 52. . . 9-42 is light. . .. if you are learning, I would suggest maybe light, they are easier to play on. . .but once you get a little experience I would suggest switching over to medium's. . . the TNT's I mentioned suck whenever you try to sweep because the low three strings are significantly larger than the lower three strings so it's harder to consistently pick. . . or sweep. . .
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Sounds like the store finally got rid of a set of "7"s. As your beginning your not gonna need any heavy top skinney bottom stuff. And will probably want to start with something like 9 gauge. Ddarrios, GHS are some good brands many like ernie ball.